Differences in Water Heater and Boiler Types

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Differences in Water Heater and Boiler Types


If people were asked what the difference between water heaters and water boilers is, most would certainly reply by stating the two are basically the same. However, when a professional St. Petersburg plumber, that is when the difference is well laid out.

Water Heaters

water heaterThese refer to the conventional type of heaters complete with a storage tank and heating system. The heat produced by a water heater is generated through electricity or gas. It is set at a temperature of around 125 degrees and should have its consistent temperature controlled by a thermostat as desired. By the time it is required for use, it will be drawn from the tank and will flow through the pipelines to deliver where the water is needed, be it in a sink or shower.

There are different types of water heaters, some of which are the solar type, storage tank type and tank less type.

The solar water heater, as the name suggests, makes use of harnessed energy from the sun. It is mounted on the rooftop and naturally absorbs the sun’s heat. It will then be transferred to a loop containing an antifreeze-like fluid before it gets to the water tank.

The second one is the storage tank water heater. It is by far the most common water heater types and is basically made up of an insulated tank where the water is heated and stored. Once the appropriate temperature is reached, the water will emerge from a pipe on top of the heater.

Lastly, the tank less (on-demand) water heater. What’s unique about this one is that it lessens the use of electricity and energy for about 60% compared to other water heater types as it avails hot water when needed. However, the downside of using this type is it doesn’t function well in places with lower temperatures.

Water Boilers

Water boilers also serve as one of the traditional water heating systems. However, when it comes to multi-functionality, water boilers have their advantages. Because it can do the functions of the typical water heaters and at the same time it has the boiler, a water boiler is more economical and environment friendly too. It can also use materials such as wood and corn as well as renewable gasses as its fuel source; therefore the energy cost is relatively low as well.

Some of its types are steel boilers, condensate-boiler system and hydronic boiler system. The steel boilers have two types; these are the fire-tube boilers and water-tube boilers. As the name suggests, they are made by steel and we all know what this means in terms of strength and durability.

Second is the cast-iron condensate-boiler system. With this boiler, heat is added into the boiler containing the water which will then cause it to boil and eventually form steam.

Last is the hydronic boiler system, which works almost the same as the heat process of tank less heater where water goes through a closed loop piping system within the boiler as it is heated to desired temperature.

In comparison, water boilers systems are more complicated than water heaters and they also seem to have a larger scale equipment. However, if there’s a need for an in depth understanding as to whether which one of these would be more appropriate and recommendable for usage, the nearest plumbing services should be contacted.