How can I Prevent Leaky Pipes?

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How can I Prevent Leaky Pipes?

Category : Plumbing Problems

You know that stress is bad for you. It can lead to many health problems, such as high blood pressure. Would you be surprised to learn that stress and high pressure are also bad for your plumbing? No kidding. It is true, but this takes a bit of explaining.

When talking about your plumbing, high water pressure places stress on the pipes and valves, which leads to water leaks. This can also lead to expensive pipe repair, which can cost thousands of dollars.  That is why it is important for you to do all you can to address the pressure problem before your pipes experience the damage. The best way to prevent leaky pipes is with plumbing maintenance.  Reach out to a licensed plumber to measure the water pressure. If higher than 85 psi, the plumber may recommend installing a pressure reducer. Problem solved.

Plumbing stress also comes into play with hard water. With its heavy concentration of minerals, hard water is just bad for your plumbing.  You can see the white scale that builds up as minerals accumulate on the edges of the faucet. Now, think about what all those minerals are doing to the inside of your pipes. Yes, that magnesium and calcium are slowly but surely accumulating inside the pipes, in effect, giving less room for water to flow and increasing the pressure. Remember, high water pressure creates problems with the plumbing. You need to deal with the high  mineral content to protect your pipes.

The solution to this problem is to install a water softener to decrease minerals. These days, there are electronic water softeners that even break up the residue, lowering the water pressure and preventing damage from occurring. Seek plumbing services so a professional can deal with this issue and save you money.