Plumbing Innovations that have Taken Place

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Plumbing Innovations that have Taken Place

outhouse-toilet-1376429_960_720The term plumber’ originated from the words plumbum’ which mean lead and the term plumbarius’ that means lead worker. Generally, one of the earliest forms of plumbing involved the use of earthenware or wood but which later were constructed from lead. Most plumbers during the ancient times were referred as skilled lead workers who were meant to fit and repair the apparatus for distributing water in as well as out of homes or business premises. Since that time, different innovations have been taking place in the plumbing industry till we’ve reached where we are today in matters regarding plumbing. This write- up will give you several innovations that have been taking place in the world of plumbing.

*Invention of the Aqueduct:

First and foremost, when the system of plumbing was first discovered, people used their hands to transport water they accessed from rivers, springs, cisterns and wells. However, years later a man known as Appius Claudius invented a better system to be used to supply water known as aqueduct. Basically, the first aqueduct was invented in 312 B.C. and its name was as a result of honor of its creator.

Hot Water and Steam Systems:

Years later after the invention of the aqueduct, the Romans developed a more advanced system of water supply by inventing hot water and steam systems that they used in their different grand public bathing places. The steam and how water systems used in the bathing places by Romans were luxurious to an extent that most people tried to install them in their premises despite how costly they were at that time. The bathing systems created by Diocletian were the most exquisite and they accommodated approximately 200 people. These baths had mosaic covered walling systems and offered streams of hot water.

*Invention of the Sewers:

Between 735 B.C. and 800 B.C. the Romans built the first sewers to be used in homes and business premises. This was about 500 years later from the time aqueduct plumbing system was discovered. Till to date, some sewers that were introduced by the Romans such as Cloaca Maxima are still being used by some people around the world.

Once the sewers were invented, most streets in the Roman world emptied their wastes via the sewers build. However, only few noblemen had outlets coming out of their premises. This was a great move since it eliminated the habit that most people adhered to, which consisted of people disposing their wastes right from their windows thus causing pollution to the environment.

*The Invention of the First World’s Indoor Flushing System:

As a result of the different problems that most people encountered when using the sewage systems they had, designs for coming out with a better waste sewage system came handy. This eventually led to the introduction of an indoor flushing system discovered in 1700 B.C. in Minoan palace. It consisted of a wooden seat as well as a small water basin.

Last, but definitely not the least, these are the different plumbing inventions that have been taking place till we’ve managed to invent what we are recently using in our homes. Ensure that you hire a pro when installing any plumbing connections in your place so that you can have a system that is durable and which will serve you for very many years to come.