Why Do Pipes Make Noise When Water Is Turned On?

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Why Do Pipes Make Noise When Water Is Turned On?

Category : Plumbing Problems

You are used to the normal sounds the plumbing makes. Water flushing waste down the toilet and refilling the tank. The soft murmur of water running from the faucet into the sink, shower, or tub. However, when you notice loud sounds that you have not heard before, it is a wise idea to seek help from a professional plumber.

A common problem that homeowners complain of is noisy pipes.  In fact, they often describe the sound as water pipe hammering. This is a very loud, banging noise that is enough to make you think your plumbing is haunted. Calm down. There are a number of practical explanations.

That water hammer noise  you hear may well be water flushed from your toilet that rushes down the drain and into the pipes and slams into a closed valve. When the pipes were first put in, there was air in a vertical pipe that was intended to stop this noise. What has happened is that the air is  no longer there to cushion the noise, thus that loud, pounding sound. Get in touch with a licensed plumber for this type of toilet trouble. This avoids serious damage to your pipes over time.

There are other problems that can result in loud sounds of protest from your plumbing. Your pipes are attached with plumber’s tape or hooks and hangers to the framing. When the tape or hooks are loose, the pipe is shaken out of place and bangs into the framing, creating that hammering noise.

Or, your pipes could have water pressure that is way too high. The normal level is about 30 to 55 psi. When the pressure is high, it causes water to bang about in the pipes and create a whole lot of noise. A plumber can check the pressure and install a water-pressure regulator. Besides being noisy, high water pressure can even damage your appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines. Save money and quiet your pipes by enlisting the aid of a capable plumber.