Why Does my Toilet Run Randomly?

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Why Does my Toilet Run Randomly?

Category : Plumbing Problems

There is only one time when the toilet is running water that it is not wasting water. This is right after you flush it. This is when the water is supposed to move waste through the pipes and out into sewage pipes. However, sometimes water moves through the toilet as if under its own power. This sound of water running randomly spells trouble that needs to be addressed. When this happens, calling a licensed plumber into for toilet repair before too much water is used a sound idea.

When the toilet is constantly running, an incredible amount of water is used. Over the course of a week, month, or year, tens of thousands of dollars of water that you pay for is being flushed right into the sewer system for no reason at all–except for a system malfunction in your toilet. There are two main culprits that could be the problem–the float or the flapper.

When you dare look inside the toilet tank, you see a white plastic box that floats up and down in the water. This is appropriately named the float. This object has a pretty important job. It is there to determine when the tank is full of water. So, when the float is damaged in any way or stuck in one spot, it can no longer do its duty and the water keeps running.

The other possibility for the random occurrence is a problem with the stopper. The stopper covers the hole that allows water to spill into the toilet bowl. However, over time it may be cracked or the area around the hole may be obstructed by sediment. Either of these problems let water leak into the bowl and so you hear constantly hear the sound. To repair running toilet water, call a skilled plumber, who can quickly figure out the trouble and stop the noise and waste.