Why Does My Toilet Whistle?

When it comes to plumbing, a little noise every now and then is a common occurrence. Rushing water, flushing, draining, and other everyday actions with your sinks, tubs, and toilets will come with a little routine noise. However, constant humming or a high-pitched whistle emanating from your toilet can be cause for concern. A noisy toilet can grind away at your peace of mind, and that’s understandable! The bathroom is supposed to be a center for relaxation, after all. That’s why it’s important to keep an ear out for any problems and get help at the first sign of trouble. In the case of a “whistling toilet,” your tank fill valve may be the culprit. The fill valve is what makes the modern toilet possible. It provides an automatic means to flush and refill the toilet bowl. A typical fill valve unit includes a float, stopper, and the assembly itself. When a toilet is flushed, the stopper opens and lets the water in your toilet’s reservoir fill the bowl. Water from your supply line comes in to fill the empty space, which causes the float to rise. After reaching a predetermined level, the float stabilizes and forces the stopper to halt the flow of water coming into and out of the reservoir. A simple physics concept forms the foundation of contemporary humanity’s comforts.

This convenience does come at a cost, however. The fill valve incorporates materials which are prone to wear and tear. Friction will eventually cause the liners in and around the fill valve to fail, which breaks the watertight seal between the valve and reservoir. In other words, water escaping from the reservoir is what’s causing that high-pitched whistle. A whistling toilet is actually your plumbing singing the blues. Remember, seemingly small leaks and drips can make a big difference in your monthly utilities costs. For your toilet, the high-pitched whistle is much like a dripping faucet. Simply put, your toilet is leaking. All that wasted water will add up and cost you. Continue to ignore your toilet’s sad song, and you may end up with a flooded or failing reservoir. To resolve this, replacing your fill valve is a prudent and cost-effective solution.

Plumbing Technicians to the Rescue

Silence is valuable. Count on a trained plumber to restore the quiet and reliable performance of your toilet. A fill valve replacement that is performed by a trained technician ensures your toilet is able to flush and refill properly. On top of that, you will also enjoy a quieter bathroom. And, let’s be real–is it even possible to put a price on that kind of luxury?