Winterize Tips for Your Pool and Spa: What you Need to Know

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Winterize Tips for Your Pool and Spa: What you Need to Know

Homeowners should always make it a habit of winterizing their pool and spa in order to defend them from experiencing plumbing complications. It is important that you know the different wintering tips that can help you tackle the winterizing process in a professional manner. If you’ve got no time for performing the winterizing procedures by yourself, consider hiring a pro who will tackle all the processes involved in a professional manner. This write up will provide the different winterizing tips that can be used in a pool or spa.

Winterize Tips for Your Pool and Spa: What you Need to Know

Winter period is approaching and in case you’ve not winterized your pool or spa, kindly follow the following easy to use tips so that you can protect your spa and swimming pool equipment from being damaged.

Brushing and Vacuuming your Pool or Spa:

First and foremost, you should brush and carefully vacuum your spa or pool. Clean out the pump baskets and skimmer. Once you are done, balance the pool or spa with a good cleansing alkaline solution and an effective phosphate remover.

You should then add winterizing chemicals such as Oxy- Brite, Algimycin winter algaecide or Sequa Sol to the solution of alkaline in your pool or spa. Allow the mixture to slowly circulate for at least one day before removing it.

Cleaning and Storing the Cartridge Filter:

You can either clean or store your cartridge filter or backwash the sand filter. Whatever the case, you should raise sanitizer to 5- 7 ppm. Once you are done, drain some water below you skimmer line i.e. about 1 to 2 inches below the tile and then drain the skimmer lines simply by vacuuming out the pipes that have got shop vacuum.

Plug the skimmers with gizzmos. Generally, this will offer protection to your skimmer against being damaged by ice. You can buy gizzmos from any pool supply store located in your area.

Fixing Auto Fill:

Shut off the auto fill and plug it off from the pool or spa wall. You should then fill it with an effective anti- freeze. Also, add a pool or spa anti- freeze to the skimmers. Make sure that the anti- freeze you are using is not harmful to human beings and pets.

Draining the Equipment Pipes:

Drain all the equipment- pumps, solar, filters, heaters, etc. and then shut off the power. This will assist in preventing the timers or the entire system from turning on equipment accidentally. Afterwards, put any effective chemical floater you know with 3 “ chlorine tabs in your spa or pool. Note that the floater should only be used on pools or spas that have no hard covers.

If you intend to run the system throughout the period of winter, it is essential that you put gizmos in wintering auto fill and skimmers.

Last, but definitely not the least, if you think that you cannot properly use these tips yourself, look for any pro available for hire in your area to help you out in handling the different winterizing tips for your pool and spa. Thank you.