Keeping A Clean Garbage Disposal is Essential

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Keeping A Clean Garbage Disposal is Essential

Most homeowners use a garbage disposal on a daily basis, it’s a handy device.  It is designed to grind up all your kitchen food scraps to allow them to pass them through your plumbing system.

Garbage disposals help to minimize cleaning up after preparing and enjoying your meals. A drawback of disposals is they can have strong odors sometimes. One of the leading causes that lead to a stinky garbage disposal is when food scraps get trapped or stuck on the blades.  Bio scum, found in most plumbing systems is another common cause of odors emitting from your kitchen drain.

Vinegar Made Into Ice Cubes is a Good Trick

Under The Sink.Plan ahead for this quick remedy for a smelly disposal,  make vinegar ice cubes and toss them into the disposal occasionally if you notice smells.  After about 10-15 minutes turn on the appliance.  The ice cubes will help loosen trapped food and clean the cutting blades.  When done flush out the disposal with clean water.

Slice Some Lemons

Another easy way to clean your garbage disposal is to cut a lemon in half and place the pieces in the microwave.  Heat the lemon for about half a minute, then cut the lemon into slices and place in the garbage disposal.  Allow luke warm water to run in the disposal as you grind up the lemon slices.

Rock Salt and Ice Cube 

As you run the appliance, the abrasive nature of the ice cubes and rock salt will clean away the scummy food particles on the blades and disposal body.  Ice cubes combined with rock salt is a very effective method to clean a dirty,  smelly disposal.  Repeat this more than once and rinse the disposal thoroughly with clean water.

Clean The Rubber Cover Frequently

It will help if you wash the rubber cover or drain insert and stopper often, they can go in the dishwasher or simply use hot, soapy water.  Be sure to look closely at the little creases and the flaps where sludgy slime can collect.  This is usually one of the main causes of a smelly garbage disposal.

Hot Water Should Be Avoided

It is not a good idea to allow hot or boiling water to go into your disposal,  especially if you think it may be blocked.  The hot water can melt greasy fats that make a clog or blockage even worse.  Use only luke warm or cold water when you clean the disposal as mentioned above.

Hire a Professional Plumber in Tampa If It Still Stinks

Having a smelly garbage disposal is a sure sign it needs cleaning or service and possible replacement.  This can be made worse if your cutting blades are dull or you have a weak motor.  Either of those things can allow excessive food scraps to build up inside the unit that can cause persistent odors.  If you think your garbage disposal is failing, schedule an Atlanta plumber to inspect, service or possibly replace the unit.