Septic Tank Maintenance Tips: What you Should Know

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Septic Tank Maintenance Tips: What you Should Know

A septic system main purpose is to treat the sewage waste that is generated by the different households that are not served by the municipal sewer systems. Basically, septic systems normally rely on the bacterial action to effectively break down liquids and solids present in waste streams; from kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

Liquefied waste is often disposed of via the drain field of the septic system while non- dissolving solid sink to the system’s bottom whereby it is removed by pumping. However, for any septic tank to work effectively and last for long, it has to be regularly maintained. This write- up will give some septic system maintenance tips that can be very important to any home or business owner who has a septic tank in his/ her premises.

Septic Tank Maintenance Tips: What you Should Know

Here are the tips you should consider using when taking care of your septic tank;

Tip# 1: Avoid Pouring Grease and Fat Products in your Toilets or Kitchen Drain:

First and foremost, you should be aware that greasy or fat products such as bacon fat or fryer oil poured on your toilet or kitchen drain can easily cause major plumbing complications. Research has proved that septic tanks in most cases fail to effectively break down fat products into soluble compounds. Insoluble fat can run out of the septic tank to the drain filed; whereby they can easily clog the pipes.

Always avoid using in- sink garbage disposals to grind up scraps of vegetables and meat since they can easily cause fat products to settle in your septic system and eventually causing damages.

Tip# 2: Avoid Pouring Toxics in your Drains:

In your attempt to maintain your septic system, you should never dump any type of hazardous chemical products such as anti- freeze, motor oil, paint products, rodent poisons or insecticides down your drains.

These toxic chemicals can destroy the bacteria which usually treat any waste water. Also, never use in your septic system drain chlorinated hot tubs since they’ve got heavy chlorination that can kill the beneficial bacteria present in your septic system.

Tip# 3: Laundry Care:

Powdered laundry detergents has insoluble clay that can easily build up in your septic system and plug up on the drain filed. For this reason, when taking care of your septic system, always make use of liquid detergents when you are cleaning your septic tank.

Tip# 4: Always Flushing Carefully:

In your attempt to maintain your septic system, you should never flush any waste expect toilet paper and human waste down your toilet. This is because septic systems are not designed in a manner that they can handle waste products such as dinner napkins, paper towels, unwanted medications, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, tampons and sanitary napkins.

These wastes will not break down and therefore will easily block up the septic drain field.  Always make it a habit of hiring a qualified plumber more often who can inspect things that can easily destroy your septic system.

Last, but not least, adhere to the aforementioned tips when taking care of your septic tank and be assured that you won’t experience any plumbing issue soon. Thank you.