Proper Garbage Disposal Care and Maintenance Will Save You Money

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Proper Garbage Disposal Care and Maintenance Will Save You Money

Some handy tips on garbage disposal care and maintenance of the disposal of your household garbage. The operation of your garbage disposals can really be taken for granted. You switch on the cold water, switch on the electrical wall, toss in the garbage and suddenly, the garbage disappears. Without anything, until you flip the “on” switch and nothing takes place.

drain hole-1293970_960_720What Happened? In most cases, the only thing that can even stop a garbage disposal is by just putting something in it that’s too hard, or much for it to control. In this case two things happen.

#1. The disposal is so jammed that it can’t operate.

#2. The electricity to the unit turns off automatically, so as to not to let further damage to the unit.

So what do we have to do? First thing you will need to do is for you to assure that the disposal is, turned off. If it’s making a “humming sound”, it’s still turned ON electrically. Flip to switch off the wall electrical position. The humming sound would stop and it’s safe to remove what is causing the jamb.

If a metal hex wrench disposal has been given by the home owner, place a single end of the wrench into your slot in the center of the bottom of your disposal unit. You can use this wrench to just turn the disposal blades via many full rotations. This will normally unclog any remaining blockage. Switch on the cold water, the disposal electrical wall switch should be switched on. If the disposal begins operating at full speed, the issue has been solved then.

If your disposal turns on, however only produces a low “humming” sound, it’s still jammed. Quickly turn off your electrical wall switch button.  An object of certain type is keeping the disposal blades from freely turning. This can be resolved normally by manually turning your disposal blades some full rotations There are (2)two ways to do this.

If a disposal wrench is not really available, another method for you to unclog your disposal blades is with the help of a wooden plunger handle or wooden broom handle. Insert your wooden handle to the disposal by means of the sink, down to the disposal for you to manually turn this disposal blades for some full rotations.  Just turn on the cold water, turn on your disposal electrical wall switch too. If the disposal begins operating at its full speed, then the issue has been solved.

Other stuffs which can cause issues. We talked about “hard” stuffs and how this can cause jamming of a garbage disposal. There are however, some other stuffs which can result in trouble in another method.   Because the items are thin, they just flow right past the disposal blades and not being ground up. Since these items have not by the disposal unit been processed, they can immediately be lodged into the plumbing pipe below the disposal, and then blocking the discharge of the disposal. When this occurs, water will immediately start backing up into your sink and the adjacent sink, if you have a double sink.