Lawn Irrigation Types and Benefits: What you Need to Know

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Lawn Irrigation Types and Benefits: What you Need to Know

irrigation-588941_960_720Water is a very essential component vital for plant growth as well as survival. For very many decades most professional farmers have been using different tricks to apply water to the different plants they’ve planted in their farms. Generally, the artificial process of adding water to the farm or garden is known as irrigation. Based on research, irrigation is a trick that was discovered around 6000 B.C. by people residing in Mesopotamia and Egypt, whereby they utilized water coming from Nile, Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

Recently, there are different forms of irrigation systems which are meant to provide different farming services. This write- up will focus on discussing about lawn irrigation types and benefits that are vital for farmers who want to experience high returns from whatever they’ve planted on their farms or gardens.

*Ditch Irrigation:-

This form of lawn irrigation has been approved as one of the oldest as well as simplest irrigation system and it’s still being utilized by most people around the globe. Basically, the only requirements required to make use of this kind of irrigation is your own man- power and the machines meant to dig furrows or ditches between rows of the places whereby the plants have been planted in a farm.

Typically, with this kind of lawn irrigation, water is added and sprinkled through a variety of different means including, siphons, pumps and gravity flow.

*Terracing form of Lawn Irrigation:-

This kind of lawn irrigation entails dividing sloping land on hillsides and mountains into strips first. The strips are then leveled such that they cannot slide or be washed away easily by retaining walls.

With this form of irrigation, plants are supposed to be planted in the leveled areas present in the terraces. Afterwards, water is applied to top most terraces whereby it flows downwards. This system of irrigation is labor- intensive due to the terrain as well as the nature of work needed to utilize it.

*Sub- Irrigation form of Lawn Irrigation:-

This kind of lawn irrigation simply involves the watering of the different plants on the farm ,most especially potted plants, from the piping system installed beneath the roots of the plants planted. In some scenarios, nutrients are often added to the water and the excessive water is normally collected and recycled.

Sub irrigation form of lawn irrigation requires the use of very expensive farming equipment and facilities and it is considered convenient to be used in commercial greenhouses.

*Drip form of Lawn Irrigation:-

Also referred as trickle lawn irrigation, drip irrigation ensures that water is uniformly and efficiently distributed in the farm. With this form of lawn irrigation, water is directly delivered to the plant roots thus minimizing the likelihood of occurrence of run- off and evaporation. Also, hoes and pipes are supposed to be run along the plant rows courtesy of the nozzles or holes which supply trickles or drips of water to root zone of each and every plant on the farm,

Last but not the least, these are the different forms of lawn irrigation that you need to know. Ensure that you make use of them if you’re a farmer in order to experience whatever benefits they carry along.