Major Benefits of Low Flow Toilets

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Major Benefits of Low Flow Toilets

toilet-paper-150912_960_720One of the greatest decisions that you can make in your home is to have your toilets turned into low flow versions. Low flow toilets offer a lot of benefits that you cannot get from other models of toilets. This is a more modern design that anyone should consider installing in their homes. Below are some low flow toilet benefits that you will get.

Water conservation

One of the major reasons why you need to have the low flow toilets is that they will assist you conserve a lot of water in the process. This is more important in the modern days when water has become a scarce resource and has a lot of uses in your home. Low flow toilets use about sixty to eight percent water than the conventional toilets. Note that toilets consume a lot of water. This means that when you have a low flow toilet in your home you will experience a huge reduction in your overall water usage. You will end up saving a lot of money in terms of water bills because of reduced water consumption.

Wide range of choice 

In the past, people complained about clogged toilets and drains and also about flushing. There were complains that the low flush toilets were not working properly. However, this has changed because you can now choose to have either or both flushes. There are dual flush toilets and flush valves that give people an opportunity to use both of them depending on what you want to flush.

Easy retrofitting  

In case you would want to turn to dual flush toilets, the simple installation makes retrofitting an affordable and hassle free change. There are conversion kits that are readily available in the market. You will not need to purchase an entirely new toilet. Just making a few small changes and some additions can turn your toilet into a dual flush one.

New designs 

Another great benefit that you get is that there are a lot of designs available to select from. The many designs have come up as a result new innovations. There are electric pump toilets in which the pressure is built in the toilet tank to make the water move down at high pressure. There are also advanced changes that are made to trap ways and bigger flush valve size.

Enhanced toilet performance

There is a myth among many people that low flow toilets do not perform their job in the right manner compared to the conventional models. However, this is not true because they are designed in a way that allows them to drain more efficiently. This makes them to have an enhanced flushing ability.

Adaptable design

When it comes to design, these toilets are no different from the conventional ones. They are of the same shape, same shape and make use of plumbing fittings and flushing apparatus as the traditional ones. In addition, you do not have to worry about remodeling of your bathroom in order to accommodate the low flow toilets. All you have to ensure is that they are installed well to enjoy these benefits.