Essential Water Heater And Boiler Maintenance Tips

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Essential Water Heater And Boiler Maintenance Tips

hot water heater 16089228135_ff0d475bcc_zWater heater and boiler maintenance is essential if you wish to have your boiler function effectively all the time, have a professional Tampa Plumber service yours. Water heaters and boilers provide an important service in the hot water supply as well as residential warming. They enhance the comfort level of the residence. Too frequently, repairs become essential when the boiler does not work properly. Regular maintenance will help to avoid ceaseless repairs. It will help you to save on overall expenses. Maintenance is suggested to avoid accidents and also increase household safety. Maintenance will even increase the effectiveness of your boiler and lengthen its lifespan. Listed here are some water heater and boiler maintenance tips.

Air Vents and Flues

Clogged air vents prevent the water heater and boiler from functioning effectively. This is particularly applicable to gas boilers. Dirt might build up in the flues or vents and create a blockage. It is a great idea to examine the vents and flues on a regular basis. In case any obstruction has happened, clear it to permit free flow of air.


These might happen during the normal usage of the water heater and boiler. Gas or fuel might leak via the valves. This often indicates that some modifications are essential for the system. In case you detect worn out or damaged parts, it demands repair or even replacement.

Water Level

It is essential that you check out the water level of the boiler every single fortnight or so. Should it run without water, this could damage it significantly. It may also result in an accident and jeopardize the lives of your family members. Ensure that the pilot light is always on while you verify the water level. In case the water level is well below a minimum, you should examine the plumbing and repair any problems. At times, all that is needed is a few small adjustments in the set-up.


Frequent lubrication is important for the smooth functioning of most mechanical devices. Your boiler is going to benefit from regular lubrication because it will help its working potential. Make sure to lubricate the boiler parts which are often in motion including the fan as well as the pumps.


Hard water typically brings about unnecessary limescale in the boiler. It inhibits the boiler from functioning as it ought to. If left to build up, limescale will impede the boiler’s heating capacity. You need to descale the boiler should you observe a lot of limescale within.


It is a great idea to clear all the water from the water heater and boiler once or twice every year. It is advisable to do so after the winter season when the boiler operates at full capacity. Dirt and limescale often build up in the boiler. Eliminate all the water from the boiler and also clean the inside carefully. Place in a few new gaskets prior to refilling the boiler.

Clear Dirt

Dirt easily builds up in the boiler room due to the boiler operations. Check out the boiler room frequently and clear any kind of dust in view. Pay proper attention on the boiler parts since dust deposition will prevent the system from functioning properly. The fan usually develops a lot of dust build-up. Make sure to clear all the dirt to enable maximum efficiency.

Yearly Check

It’s a wise practice to have the boiler examined at least once annually by an authorized professional. This will guarantee security and efficiency. Any kind of emerging issues can be observed and handled appropriately.