America Plumbing Innovation

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America Plumbing Innovation

outhouse-1522547_960_720Plumbing can be defined as any system meant to convey fluids for numerous ranges of applications. Waste removal, potable water delivery as well as heating and cooling purposes is among a few of the many uses for plumbing. This system of delivery utilizes tanks, plumbing fixtures, pipes, valves and other kinds of apparatus to effectively convey fluids. However, before you begin benefiting from plumbing, it is important that you know how it started and the challenges that the inventors experienced before attaining the plumbing connections we are having in our households today. This write- up will give you a preview about the history of plumbing in America.

Plumbing certainly did not begin in America. However, before it was discovered, Americans had their ways of keeping their water clean. Before the system of plumbing was discovered, most people in America used hollowed out trunks of trees as pipes for conveying water to their homesteads. However, this system did not work and therefore made Americans to try and come out with more effective ways of distributing water and keeping it clean for longer time periods.  Plumbing originated during the time of ancient civilizations in America when scientists developed public baths to cater for their body cleaning needs and due to the fact that people wanted a system of providing potable water and removing wastewater in their premises.

Decades ago, most Americans preferred using lead as a water pipe since they believed that its malleability made the material practical to be used and utilized in different homes. This system i.e. the use of lead as a water pipe was most preferred by people in America as it was cost- friendly, durable and had the potential of distributing water to homesteads in the most effective manner. However, the drawback with that system was that only a few people could afford it and thus a large number of people did not install and utilize the system due to lack of capital.

Reason Why Americans Developed Inexpensive Plumbing Innovations

Most American inhabitants used to make use of mere holes as sewage systems. This system was not convenient as it required more man power so that it could be created and manufactured. Despite lead water disposal system being considered as one of the earliest plumbing innovations in America, copper water pipes were also in use. However, copper use did not last for long as the material used rusted and was more exposed to bacteria and fungi that easily destroyed the water being distributed.


Around 1500 B.C, Americans started using the iron piping system of plumbing; thanks to the different craftsmen who produced hollow pipe casting method and discovered that fire could be used to melt iron so that it could be connected with other pipes to ease the plumbing installation process.  Last, but not least, From around 1910 to 1940, the water closet plumbing invention was submitted to American patent office and it had a standard plumbing system which is being utilized to date.