Ask These Questions If You Are Purchasing a Home with a Septic System in Tampa

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Ask These Questions If You Are Purchasing a Home with a Septic System in Tampa

These questions are important because…

The questions are important to protect your investment when buying a house with a private septic system.  If the septic system is neglected it is a prime candidate for major repairs.  Since these repairs can be costly, it can significantly increase the overall amount of money you put into your home and ultimately require more out-of-pocket expense.

Buying a house is one of the biggest decision that requires important considerations before signing the papers.  When you’re considering a home with a septic system additional consideration is needed to avoid unexpected septic repair costs, which can be quite high.  If you ask some specific questions ahead of time you can get a good idea of the condition of the system and if repairs will be needed in the near future. This can minimize any potential surprises after the sale.

Where is the septic system found?

First of all you should find out where the septic tank and leach field are to avoid damaging them and so you know where to direct the Tampa plumbers when they need to service it.  Your septic equipment should always be protected to maintain proper operation.  It is very important to never park cars or heavy machinery on or near the septic tank or leach field.  In addition if you have companies come in to landscape you would not want to plant trees, shrubs or plants in that areas.

What exactly is a septic tank? septic-tank-11900_960_720sewage treatment plant at your home property that handles all your solid waste and effluent.  The septic system has two main parts, a holding tank and leach/drain field.  After the solid waste and effluent from the home enters the tank, microorganisms breakdown the solids while the effluent travels to the leach field where it is absorbed into the surrounding soil.

How old is the septic system?

The older the septic system is the more maintenance it usually requires, it’s a good idea to verify the age of the tank and field tiles.  The reason is over time the leach field can deteriorate and lose its ability to drain properly and absorb the waste water. This can sometimes be a direct result of neglect or a failure to pump out regularly over the years.


When was service last performed?

As said previously a failure to pump and service your septic tank can have severe ramifications on the leach field.  As the solid material build up in the tank it will eventually enter the drain field outlet and on to the leach field. When this happens, they diminish the absorption capabilities of the field, which will prevent effluent from draining properly. Ramifications of this lead to sewer back up and leach field replacement, which can be costly.