Home Sewer Line Replacement Procedures

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Home Sewer Line Replacement Procedures

At one time of the other you might be required to replace your sewer line. This might occur when you are doing an overall change of your plumbing system or if you recognize a problem with your sewer line. In order to ensure that the entire replacement is done in the right way, there is a certain procedure you need to follow. The entire procedure involves some important tasks where expertise and skills are required in order to succeed. To help you in the process, here are some of the home sewer line replacement procedures you need to follow.

Understand the problem

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you understand the real problem so that you can be able to diagnose it in the right way. Since the sewer line is buried and concealed under the ground, it might be hard to locate it easily. This is why it is advisable that you work with a professional with enough knowledge in this area to ensure that no mistake occurs in this first step that is very crucial. This will also ensure that you do not make a mistake that might be cost you more in the end, than you would have done to hire a professional plumber.

Do the excavation

In order to access the sewer line you will need to dig into the ground in order to access it. As you do the digging, you will need to understand the depth of the sewer system and also the length of the sewer line. It is also good to check if there are some trees located in your sewer line path in order to understand the required excavation procedure. The excavation should be done manually until the sewer lines get uncovered. To ensure that there is no confusion you can use colored paints to mark the different sewer lines.

Remove the old sewer lines

Once the excavation is done and it is the sewer lines can be accessed, it is time to remove them so that you will be able to replace them with the new ones. This is also a process that requires enough manpower and expertise. This means that you will need to hire plumbers to help you in the process. It is also advisable to remove the sewer line carefully to avoid causing any destruction to the nearby areas because of the impact involved. This will also make work easier as you install the new sewer lines.

Installation of the new sewer lines

Before the installation of the new sewer lines, make sure that the drain in which the lines will be installed is prepared well. This will ensure that they will be stable and also last for long without any problems. This will also ensure high level durability of the installation.

After you are through with the sewer line replacement, make sure you restore the disturbed areas to enhance the protection of the property. This will also ensure that no troubles occur afterwards because of the sewer replacement procedure.